EA’s Message
Building Peaceful Hearts in Families and Workplaces

Executive Animators’ Message

Sam Madesi (EA)

These are exciting times to say the least! We face immense challenges in our families, workplaces and in our communities which have impacted the financial services industry and consequently our peacebuilding campaigns. The effects of these challenges could be felt for many years to come unless we all join hands and act now. We are all affected by the current acts of violence in our families, workplaces and communities–no one seems immune. That being said, I believe that if we are nimble and creative we can find opportunity in the face of change and adversity.

At hearts 4 peace, we contend that peace is an eclectic field of study and impinges on all other fields significantly. We believe that there might not be development without peace; and there might not be peace without development. Our levels of peace seem to determine everything we do ranging from successful kitchen table conversations in our homes, our energy to be productive at our workplaces, to our energy and motivation levels to be engaged in our community development activities. In view of this, H4P developed a strategic vision that is comprehensive, perhaps even aggressive, and is very achievable. One of the pillars of the vision is to position H4P as a Thought Leader in building inner peace among individuals by focusing on building peaceful hearts. We have no doubt that if we can build peaceful hearts among individual in families, such peace will be reflected in workplaces and consequently in the entire community. This way, we nurture a culture of non-violence, love, joy, hope and peace.

Achievement of the mission outlined in the strategic vision is very exciting and we have moved forward on several goals already. I am honored to work with a very dedicated group of women and men who comprise the staff, animator’s and Board of Trustees. These individuals, along with partners, have devoted hundreds of hours collectively over the recent past, outside of their day jobs, to insure that the strategic vision is realized. These individuals bring an immense amount of talent, resources and experience to the table for the benefit of H4P and its partners. We are thankful to our strategic partnerships with key companies, increased sponsorship of our events and increased volunteerism from members. We need to continue to build our institution from this strong foundation. I would encourage you to join us on this journey because we can’t wait for peace to simply happen. We have to build it, and the time is now! Those individuals that have joined us not only report a sense of accomplishment in helping H4P achieve greatness but they have enjoyed professional development, met peers in their industry, enhanced their networking circles and have had a great time in the process.

I hope that you will make sure to forward the information to individuals or organizations in your networks who would be interested. For those of you, who have blogs or websites; please post a link to us! It is still not too late and never a bad idea at all to join our peace campaign as our fierce urgency for peace continues to grow. As this growth continues to occur professionally and geographically, I wish to take this special opportunity to welcome Uganda on board. Hearts 4 Peace successfully registered a country branch in Uganda, Eastern Africa in September 2010.

I feel honored and humbled to welcome you to Hearts 4 Peace website. I’m confident that you will find what you were looking for as you browse through our web pages or contact us for your customizable needs. Whatever the case, we are committed to working with you to meet your peacebuilding needs in your family, workplace and community.

To get involved or to find out more information about H4P, please feel free to directly contact me at 1-(403)-483-4441 or email to smadesi@hearts4peace.com

Best Regards,

Sam Madesi Executive Animator

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