Building Peaceful Hearts in Families and Workplaces


Typically, we partner with the following:

Individuals who have made a name in the fields of peace and adult education, community development, health education, and the learned friends (lawyers and people in the judicial system).

Business enterprises with an interest in peacebuilding at their workplaces and facilitating their community’s development or just call it – giving back to their communities.

Charities and other Non-Governmental Organizations, Associations, Foundations and other Interest Groups working on peacebuilding programs in families, workplaces and general community development projects.

Institutions of learning interested in introducing short courses in peace education, social justice and professional development. Such institutions include: Universities, Institutes, community colleges, high schools, learning centers and other bodies like boards of education.

Religious institutions interested in establishing comprehensive peace program for their flocks in small prayer groups, families, workplaces, or community peace projects.

Governments and their departments or ministries and projects working on peace initiatives and social justice.

Note: that we accept partners from around the world. Volunteers around the world are also welcome to join our campaign for peace in families and workplaces.