Building Peaceful Hearts in Families and Workplaces

Consulting Services

Institutional Capacity Building

Our institutional capacity building services comprise of 11 stages project management cycle. You can order our services on any of the stages or ask us to conduct an evaluation and send you recommendations on what needs to be done.  Read More

Research and Publication

After having a chat with our team of research consultants, you will be helped to refine your research topic or questions and our team will manage the rest of the research process. Our team will write you a research report with findings, conclusions and recommendations. We also encourage and promote simple individual research on everyday issues that affect our peace. We help with the publication of all research findings. We encourage young people in high schools, college and university to write articles and papers on peace education and community development topics.

Workplace and Family Peaceful Response to Life-Long Illnesses

We animate workplaces, families and communities on the best practices to peacefully respond to conflicts, misunderstandings or disputes that arise as a result of having a family member or a workmate living with a life-long illness such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, brain injury and other mental illnesses. Living with a terminal illness requires life-long learning skills not only for the patients, but also for their caregivers, family members and or co-workers.

Post Conflict Reconciliation and Healing

It is so painful going through a conflict. But it is even more painful living with the pain or guilt forever even after the conflict has been resolved. Justice does help to resolve many conflicts but that never means that the feelings and pain has actually been erased. During this process, you will be introduced to our approach, and methodology that we use in building peace in the post conflict era. Participants working with us on this project are offered a place to attend our workshop or full course in conflict transformation and peacebuilding at no extra cost.

Gender and Development

We accept contracts on a variety of areas on gender issues. Recently we have been involved working on the following: developing customizable training programs specific to your gender needs, gender mainstreaming into development programs such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, microfinance etc.

Domestic Violence

We offer special consulting services on how families and workplaces can peacefully respond to domestic violence. In families, it is important that kids, relatives, the abusers and the abused all know the to-do list when they see domestic violence coming, or when it occurs and after it has occurred. Research has shown that domestic violence is increasingly becoming one of the major reasons for underperformance at the workplace. Also, the violence that occurs in homes could be transferred to the workplace.

Human Rights Violations and Abuses

We use highly participatory methodologies to mobilize, create awareness and advocate for the rights of the less privileged or any group of people who feel their rights have been abused or violated.

Enterprise Development

Our team of consultants in enterprise development will help you from scratch as simple as an idea through planning and kick starting your enterprise. We also help small and medium entrepreneurs to make smart competitive decisions that will see your business succeed. We help with reprofiling and institutionalizing large business corporations with the latest business practices such as six sigma, etc.

Immigrant Community Integration

We work with various organizations and partners to help new immigrants in any country integrate and fully settle in their new communities. Cultural shocks, technology and job skills differences can cause stress, anger and conflicts that could not only hurt the barer but endanger the entire community. We use highly participatory methodologies to demystify our client fears, but also do more to mobilize and create awareness campaigns for communities to receive and support their new colleagues.

Re-integration of X-Prisoners in Community

We prepare x-prisoners to deal with their intra-personal conflicts, appreciate who they are and what they are capable of being after serving their term in jail. We deal with their fears as they join their families, communities and later on search for jobs. We animate them to a point where their self confidence is convincing and have fully re-integrated. Also, we work with families and communities of convicts before their arrival and help to resolve any existing conflicts as well as mitigating any fears. Resistance and exclusion are some of the primary reasons why x-convicts commit more crimes. We have also developed special arrangements with some organizations to offer jobs to our x-convict clients not too long after their release as part of their rehabilitation campaign.

Personal Peace Animation/coaching & Counseling

H4P will assign an individual or group of individuals a peace animator to work with you on a regular basis as agreed on your personal stressors or issues making you feel peaceless. Our peace animators do not just animate people with problems; they also animate people who are relatively happy and peaceful to have more of it. Peace, love, friendships etc are not constants; they are variables that change with feelings, style of communication, status, and sometimes with material possessions, etc. We also offer a special personal peace animation project called “peacebuilding after divorce” where we help just divorced persons to transform their lives and be the person they have always wanted to be. Together, we identify your comfort zones, skills, capacities, etc and use them to help you be everything you have always dreamt to be. Whereas clients within our reach can choose to have face-2-face sessions, other clients from anywhere around the world can choose our highly effective online interface, teleconference sessions, and many more.

Family or Workplace Peace Animator

Just like in the personal peace animator above, we assign a family or workplace peace animator to regularly visit for continuous support on peacebuilding process. In the recent past, we have found that employees at the workplace prefer talking to our neutral peace animators about their concerns. We address employee concerns with management without necessarily reviling employee identity. The process is the same in families. In either case, the process is very peaceful and effective in addressing conflicts that concerned parties have failed to bring up using existing systems.

Teen Peace Animation

We assign every clientele school a peace animator to regularly visit the school and help both students and their teachers on peacebuilding processes in schools. We do this in high schools, colleges and universities and work hand-in-hand with student counselors, advisors, senior women etc. We offer comprehensive peacebuilding programs for youths in conflict areas or youth vulnerable to being used by self seekers for violent acts.

We offer a variety of teen peacebuilding services including workshops, seminars, field trips, peace camps, skills training practicum’s and placements, Theater for peace in schools and teen groups, peace clubs, and many more other teen-based peacebuilding services. We also offer special sessions for teens with difficult behaviors, drug abuse, and young offenders. The generalization that all teens have similar needs is not accurate. Whereas there are teens struggling with copying with their parents, use of drugs, going to school, criminal records, gang members, and many others, there are also teens that are frustrated with their parents/relative behavior and are looking for what they can do to help. There are those who have assumed parental responsibilities especially in war tone or disease affected communities and are looking for any opportunity for peace in their families. There are teens who just want to get their homework and school done, they have big dreams and need a peaceful path to their dreams. Such teens are desperate for great interpersonal and intra-personal communication and relationship skills, assertiveness and self confidence skills among others. Whatever the situation, we will assess their learning needs, and build a program that directly answers those needs.

Faith-based Peace Animator

Most believers consult their religious leaders in Churches, Mosques and other Temples for advice and sometimes counseling on their family, workplace or community conflicts, business, mentorship and many other ways of building personal or group peace. Most religious institutions have found it easier to partner with us or contract us to develop a comprehensive faith-based peacebuilding program for their flocks. It is within the religious institution’s interest that the families where their believers come from are peaceful and stable in order to form a strong church/mosque foundation. Unstable and peaceless families and communities will significantly impinge on the success of their ministries.

We also help to form and animate Faith-based Dadz, Momz, Boyz and Galz Peace Clubs. H4P offers the opportunity to have our Peace Animator attend and participate in any fellowships, studies, meetings and counseling sessions where expertise in peacebuilding may be required. Depending on the arrangements, our peace animator would be available for questions and short sessions as scheduled all week round.

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